Spinach Berry Smoothie (And Some Pictures to Make You Jealous)

Look where my run took me today! How ridiculously lucky am I to have grown up enjoying island life, and am now enjoying it again?

This post has a lot of chatting, as with all my others. Skip to the end if you just want the recipe! I won’t feel bad.



Now, I’ll be the first to admit, very freely, that I am not in very good shape at all. The heaviest thing I can lift is probably a pot of soup. I’m not kidding. ButI’ve been working out everyday since I got home, and I plan to remedy that. I usually rely on walking and yoga for exercise, because I’m in such bad shape that anything else is completely awful (like running :(), but I really just need to run sometimes. Cardio is just necessary.

I felt that hardcore today, after making another batch of éclairs. Yes, my dad ate seven between yesterday afternoon and 10 am this morning. Don’t judge, we have fast metabolisms in this family (and he forgets to eat during the day most of the time, so some decadence is okay).

Now, I felt the need to run because of two reasons: 

  1. I was tasting as I went along with these éclairs to make sure they turned out right, and I got a seriously unhealthy amount of sugar in me from making sweet vanilla whipped cream.
  2. When I get frazzled (which often happens in the kitchen when other people are hanging over me, or something isn’t working), I get adrenaline rushes.

These two things combined gave me a serious case of shaky hands and pent up energy. When I feel that, I go for runs! Even if they’re short, they help. That’s how I ended up at this lovely place which my family and I call Fishy Pools (because there are little tide pools), but the rest of the sane world calls L’anse Aux Epines Point. It’s so beautiful there, and if you go prepared with towels and a swim suit on a rough day, you can have serious fun at the blow holes. 

Even though I had a sugar high, I knew I needed actual nutrients for a run, so I had a smoothie before I went. I think it was delicious, but I understand that it may not be for everybody.


  • 1 1/2 cups milk (I used 1 c almond milk, and 1/2 c 2%, because I prefer almond milk but it doesn’t have as much protein as regular milk)
  • 1 cup frozen fruit (I like mixed berries, but I made it with peaches for a friend once and they loved it)
  • 1 cup loosely packed spinach (I pack it a bit, but go easy if you’re not a veggie fan)

Blend in a blender of your choice. I swear by my magic bullet. 



I can’t taste the spinach in this, I swear. Nor can a couple of my sister’s friends who I made this for. My parents, however, could, and didn’t like it. I find this to be a delicious, refreshing smoothie, which I feel super awesome drinking because I know how good for my body it is. I have no problem getting my veggies in, because I love veggies, but if you’re not fond of them, disguise them in a fruity smoothie. It works, guys.

Anyway, here’s another jealousy inducing photo:



-Happy Cooking!



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