Bonfire Cupcake

I’m 17 now. The whole birthday thing happened yesterday. *Hiss*. That’s me showing my distaste for birthdays and growing up and all that jazz. Okay, now I’m going to ignore the fact that I’m another year older and tell you how much fun I actually had on my birthday, and how well my cupcakes (instead of a cake) turned out! I didn’t have much of a party, just a bonfire in my backyard, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to do any cool food, but I really wanted to do something, and bonfire cupcakes ended up being the solution! You can use any cupcake base for these, it’s just the cool icing that was the point, but I went with a low-fat pineapple cupcake, because YUM. I pulled them off of Skinnytaste, and they were absolute magic!


Ingredients (for the icing):

  • any kind of stiff icing, I used a store bought one which had to thicken up with icing sugar
  • red and yellow liquid food colouring (really good food colouring would make your life a lot easier though)
  • chocolate dip (chocolate chips, butter, milk) [optional but recommened]
  • pretzel sticks

Once you’ve made your cupcakes, let them cool COMPLETELY, otherwise the icing will melt off. Seriously, like a few hours at least.

While they’re cooling, mix lots of yellow and not so much red food colouring into a tub of icing until it becomes a nice bright orange, a few drops at a time. If you’re using storebought icing, you’ll probably need to thicken it with icing sugar like I did, but kudos if you have a really good buttercream or creamcheese icing that you can use!

Put the 2/3 orange icing into a piping bag with a medium star tip on it and pipe it in a swirl going from the outside of the cupcake, in, finishing it of with a little flourish at the tip! It helps piping if you keep the bag at a 45 degree angle.

Add red food colouring to what’s left over of your orange icing until it becomes bright red. Dip a toothpick into the icing and stripe it along the “flames” of icing already piped on. You can run the toothpick flat against the icing,and it will get several stripes at once, and don’t be afraid to make lines in the plumes of “fire” because it will just help it look even more realistic!


If you’re dipping your pretzel sticks in chocolate, melt chocolate chips in a double boiler, and add little bits of butter and milk until it becomes liquid and shiny (I didn’t really pay attention to detail here I just eye-balled, sorry guys). Dip the sticks into the melted chocolate, and put them in the fridge or freezer to set on a sheet of parchment paper. When ready to serve, prop three sticks in a teepee shape on top of the icing, and voila! You have a delicious little bonfire. The chocolate pretzels really are delicious. They taste like chocolate wafers!


These are great for bonfire night or the 4th of July, or Canada day, or any time when you have a bonfire, really! Or any time at all I mean, seriously, they’re cupcakes!

-Happy Cooking!


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