5 Minute, Virtually Mess Free, 4 Ingredient Caramel Corn.

Sorry. But not really. Because I just accidentally-on-purpose ruined my life and I’m totally taking you down with me. If you’re confused, look at the title. I know that sounds magical, but it really isn’t, because it means that I will now be making, and eating, WAY TOO MUCH caramel corn. And you should too 🙂



This isn’t really a recipe, I just threw a few ingredients together and it somehow turned out well, but it is just so freaking good that I had to share!

1 bag of your favourite microwave popcorn
about 2 tbsp butter or margarine
about 2 tbsp molasses
about 1/4 cup sugar

That’s it.

Pop your popcorn according to the directions on the bag. Meanwhile, combine caramel ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl. Remove popcorn from the microwave and set aside while you make the caramel. Microwave the caramel ingredients for 30 second intervals, stirring after each one, until it thickens and has the texture of honey or thick syrup. Or, y’know, caramel sauce. This took me maybe 5 or 6 goes, but see what your microwave does. Now, you can either transfer your popcorn to a big bowl and pour the caramel on top, then toss or stir until fully coated, OR, you can do it right in the bag. Guess which one I chose…


Bag, obviously. Virtually mess free, remember? One spoon, one bowl!

Now go make this and discover the true wonder of 5 minute caramel corn. It’s bloody amazing!

–Happy Cooking!


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